Methods To Effectively Utilize Your Kief Stash

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you most likely have a bunch of stored kief if you’ve ever taken a closer look in your weed grinder.

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8 Potential Uses For Your Kief Stash

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you most likely have a bunch of stored kief if you’ve ever taken a closer look in your weed grinder. The white crystals that are coated on top of the weed flower are known as trichomes, and they are responsible for creating kief. Kief not only protects the weed plant from an evolutionary perspective, but it also has a wide number of recreational benefits as well. 

What is a Trichome

On the buds and leaves of mature weed plants, trichomes are found, and the strength and potency come from the high percentage of cannabinoids they contain. The thick white coat that protects the bud is the collection of these trichomes. They serve to form a kind of physical barrier to prevent any insects from getting to the flower and leaves of the plant. In addition, they create psychoactive effects that will cause animals to feel too dazed and confused to finish their meal.

Best Ways To Collect Kief

If your goal is to collect kief that is of higher-quality, then you will also need weed that is high quality. They both go hand in hand and you will need to ensure that there is a minimal amount of plant material mixed in with the kief. If your kief contains a green hue to it, then this usually means that there is a lot of extra plant matter combined. If your kief appears to be blonde or light tan in colour, then this usually means it is purer. Resin glands are known to contain a high amount of cannabinoids, and kief is known to have a higher potency than flower, but a lower potency than concentrates. Kief is a good starting point if you are seeking something that is more potent than bud. 

If you use any type of grinder, then you already are collecting kief, intentionally or not. One downside to using a grinder with only two chambers is that your kief will be wasted. The added benefit of a three-chambered grinder is that there is a dedicated chamber just for collecting kief, and this happens because of the screen filter that is made of mesh. It is a fairly simple process to make a kief collector by using a number of different layered screens that contain finer filters, depending on how close the screens are to the base of the collection chamber. 

Different Ways To Use Kief

Using kief can be done in many of the same ways that flowers or concentrate can be used. The potency of it is a little stronger than flower, but not at potent as full concentrates. Kief is an ideal balance between the two and is perfect in a variety of different scenarios. 

You Can Add It To Your Bowl

If you want, you can always just smoke kief regularly, but because it is fairly powdery, things can get pretty messy rather quickly. It’s recommended to smear it on the side of your bowl and drop a few sprinkles of it on your bud. It is known to burn fast, so if you just coat the sides, this will help prolong the life of your kief. You don’t really need a lot of it to do the trick since it’s more potent than bud. 

Use It In A Joint

Using kief in a joint follows the same overall process as including it in your bowl. Smoking it straight doesn’t work too well because it’s too fine and powdery, so you can mix it in with the rest of your bud in the joint, this will give it some extra flare. 

Mocha Kief Latte

Including kief mixed right into your coffee is a very common method of consuming it. The cannabinoids in the kief require heat to become activated, so the heat produced from the coffee will do just that. Kief has so many cannabinoids in it that it won’t take too much to feel the effects in your latte. There hasn’t been too much research done on the combination of coffee and cannabis, but one particular study in 2011 indicated that caffeine might increase the potency of the high because they both have an effect on the stimulation of dopamine, which is responsible for the feelings of pleasure in individuals. 

Cooking With Kief

Kief doesn’t taste as strong as regular weed flower but contains a higher amount of cannabinoids. Because of that, it makes it a great addition to use in cooking. Many people will make kief butter and use this with their meals. It’s important to keep in mind that the kief needs to be decarboxylated before cooking to make sure that the cannabinoids in it are activated. 

Chai Kief

Chai kief follows the same idea as combining coffee and kief. The whole experience will be quite similar to an edible, which will take effect around half an hour after consuming it. The high will be more bodily focused and will last quite a while. Because fat aids in extracting THC, mixing kief with milk will even cause the potency of it to be higher. 


Making hash is the process of isolating the trichomes from all of the weed plant material. Hash is basically kief that is pressed together to form a thick, dense, mass that is more easily consumed than the former dust-like texture. Making kief yourself is a fairly simple process, and you will need only a few simple ingredients to do so. 

Ingredients Required: 

  • Kief
  • Wax paper
  • Glass jar and lid


The first step is to simply situate the kief right in the center of a piece of wax paper. Fold the wax paper in a way that will cover the kief into a tight rectangle-shaped package. A tape can help to close it. At this point, you will fill the jar with boiling water and then screw on the lid very tight. Double-check to make sure that the lid is sealed on tight because you will be rolling the jar. Wearing oven-proof gloves will help because you will be handling the hot glass. Repeatedly roll the jar back and forth over the kief for about 8 to 10 minutes in duration. After that, put the package into the fridge to let it cool off for around 30 to 60 minutes. The colder temperatures will make the process of removing the hash from the wax paper a lot easier. 

Vaporize it

The best way to smoke kief is vaping. Vaping kief can be done in much of the same way that you would with regular cannabis. Or, you could always just vape flower and sprinkle some kief on top of it. Making kief oil and using it in a vaporizer is another alternative and is a lot easier to clean and will result in a more powerful high. 

You Can Always Just Store It

Depending on how much weed you smoke, the collection of kief will reflect that. So the more you smoke, the more you will collect. Kief is potent, so using it all at once isn’t a highly recommended idea, nor will you need much to get high. Throwing it away would be a complete waste, so it is best to store it in a cool and dark area. There are a few ways to store it. You can either just keep it in a container the way it is, or you can use a pollen press to make it nice and tightly packed in the shape of kief disks. 

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