Best Soil for Growing Weed Indoors

How to select the best soil when growing marijuana plants. Types of good and bad soil. Identifying good and bad

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How to select the best soil when growing marijuana plants. Types of good and bad soil. Identifying good and bad soil for growing marijuana.

What Is The Best Soil For Growing Weed Indoors

Do you think you have a green thumb? Have you given thought to grow your own weed at home, but were concerned about what type of soil is the best to use? In this article, we will examine things that you should take into consideration the soil genes for growing marijuana. We shall discuss the best soil most appropriate and applicable to a weed’s own characteristics. And we’ll take a look at the most popular cannabis soil brands.

There are important characteristics of good weed soil when choosing a soil that is best for weed cultivation and resulting in the highest yield when harvesting. There are 3 main important things which should be taken into consideration and the best soil must have these characteristics:

  1. Texture. Take a look at the soil’s texture as it will be a significant representation of the nutrients existing within the soil. Upon inspection, it should look rich and dark and has a loose texture about it.
  2. Drainage Ability. At all times there must be an established mixture of both oxygen and water at the marijuana plant’s roots to maintain its health for it to grow and thrive. Too much water in the soil will promote a lack of oxygen and will result in the plant’s root suffocating. So generally speaking, it shouldn’t take a very long time for the water to be drained out from the bottom of its planter bed.
  3. Water Retention. However conversely, if the soil doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of water retention, the roots will become injured caused by drying out. So the soil should be wet but not muddy. Ensure that the soil remains wet, but never dries out.

Here are a but a few recommendations for soil ingredients and what it should contain:

Forrest Humus:

Formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material, humus is an organic component of soil caused by microorganisms. It’s important for the cultivation of cannabis because it permits better aeration and drainage by loosening the soil, retains moisture within the soil encouraging the increase of soil organisms which help make nutrients readily available to plants.


This is one of the most effective soil elements for growing weed. By adding perlite which is an amorphous volcanic glass that is light and white, to your soil mixture, it will increase the soil’s overall ability to effectively drain. Perlite will increase the amount of oxygen reaching the roots of your plant with a 10% to 40% mix of the soil’s total volume. But be cautious and use perlite in moderation because if you add too much it will cause the nutrients to leach out quite quickly from the soil.

Coconut Coir:

Naturally as the name itself would suggest, coconut coir or coco coir is made of coconut husks. It can be purchased either as coco bricks or a potting mix.
While preventing the soil from becoming heavy, coco coir improves water retention. In a coco coir environment, plant roots tend to develop faster and they are less likely to suffer from overwatering. It is recommended to add a 10% to 30% mix to your soil.

Worm Castings:

Simply stated, worm castings are worm excrement. It is worm fertilizer and is very useful for cannabis plants by improving the soil’s texture and adds a natural source of nutrients that can be broken down slowly. Having been processed through a worm’s digestive system, it typically contains high levels of useful microorganisms. It is recommended that you use a 30% mix of worm castings to the soil. But be careful as too much could potentially burn out your plant.

Here are examples of good and bad cannabis soil:

Good Cannabis Soil:

Essentially the main component of this soil will contain perlites. With its loose texture, it will contain enough humus and nutrients and will be the best soil for growing weed.

Bad Cannabis Soil:

Upon inspection, the soil is not loose and will be heavy and look thick. It will retain far too much water and won’t provide nearly enough air. Patches of the soil will have the appearance of a solid object.

Outlined here are some recommendations for the most popular brands of weed soil:

  • Nature’s Living Soil: This is the best soil to use and is highly recommended on the market.
  • Big Rootz: Created by expert cannabis growers, this soil is also highly recommended to use.
  • Roots Organics Rod: Made up of root organics makes this potting soil a popular choice as it is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

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