B.C. Craft Farmers Co-op proposes on-site consumption at cannabis farms

The B.C. provincial government plans to allow farm-gate sales of cannabis.

The B.C. Craft Farmers Co-op believes that farm‐gate sales will become more viable with on-site cannabis consumption. cyano66/Getty Images


Last fall, the B.C. provincial government announced plans for three new cannabis sales programs.

One is farm-gate retail.

Another program seeks to allow Health Canada-licensed small-scale producers the option to deliver cannabis directly to licensed retailers.

The third involves highlighting cannabis products by Indigenous communities.

In connection with cannabis farm-gate sales and direct delivery, the province indicated that the two programs may launch in 2022.

In a media release on September 20, 2020, the B.C. government explained that these kinds of sales are important for smaller cannabis producers.

As for farm-gate sales, these are planned to be made at stores located at production sites.

This particular initiative enjoys the support of the B.C. Craft Farmers Co-op, which represents small and medium-sized producers and processors.

The organization is preparing a response to the government’s plan, and it has a suggestion on how make it better.

The co-op believes that on-site consumption at cannabis farms is the way to go.

“On behalf of members, BCCFC has emphasized that the viability of farm‐gate sales would be limited without the ability to offer tourism and hospitality experiences to attract visitors,” the group states.

Specifically, “This includes allowing on-site craft cannabis consumption.”

The BCCFC is conducting two surveys to help it craft a response to the B.C. government.

The poll on farm-gate sales is found here.

The survey about on-site farm cannabis consumption can be seen here.

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  • Jay September 3, 2021 07:09 PM

    I make every effort to buy my weed from the same non government souls who supported me before the guv decided to horn in where the they’re neither wanted nor needed…

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