Proposed cannabis, food consumption at B.C. weed farms to bring feel of Amsterdam

The B.C. provincial government plans to allow farm-gate retail of cannabis.

The B.C. Craft Farmers Co-op suggests that clients at farm-gate stores should be able to sample cannabis products as well as food and beverages. Creative-Family/Getty Images


Imagine being able not only to buy weed directly at cannabis farms in B.C.

How about getting to sample the product at the same place where they grow weed?

And to satisfy the cravings that come about, order some food and beverages.

This is the type of experience that B.C. Craft Farmers Co-op (BCCFC) want cannabis enthusiasts to have as the provincial government prepares rules allowing the sale of pot at farms.

A September 2020 announcement by the province states that farm-gate sales may launch in 2022.

In line with this, BCCFC is making a number of recommendations, which include consumption.

In a media release Wednesday (August 18), the association suggested that cannabis consumption should be allowed at farm-gate locations in “safe indoor and outdoor spaces”.

Moreover, “Sampling of food and beverages should be allowed on-site.”

As far as risk issues are concerned, the BCCFC stated that impaired driving, delayed onset of effects from edibles, and co-use of cannabis with other substances such as alcohol are the “most important safety issues to mitigate”.

So-called “coffeeshops” or cannabis cafes in Amsterdam serve weed with food and beverages.

In Canada, a petition has been started before the House of Commons that seeks to allow cannabis-infused food at restaurants and cafes.

Regarding sales, the BCCFC proposed that craft farmers should be able to “choose which licenced cannabis products they carry in their store”.

“This can include selling their product exclusively and/or carrying cannabis products produced by other local craft farmers,” the release noted.

Likewise, retail stores at farms should be permitted to sell products online, “via home delivery or an alternative seasonal location with other craft farmers”.

Also, “Farm-gate retail locations should be able to sell merchandise.”

BCCFC President Nicole Post said in the media release that farm-gate sales and on-site consumption policies are “complementary”.

“Consumers want to purchase fresh, local cannabis from legal craft farmers and support their regional economies,” Post stated.

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