By Sarah Leamon

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Sarah Leamon: Here’s why an American law makes Canadian cannabis workers ineligible to enter United States

Crossing the border may become much more difficult for a certain group of Canadians come October 17, 2018. While marijuana users.


Sarah Leamon: Reefer Madness–type ad campaigns won’t address the very real issue of drug-impaired driving

With cannabis legalization seemingly just around the corner, the discussion around responsible use is growing increasingly important. One of the main.


Sarah Leamon: Some Senate amendments to Bill C-45 could have a big impact on cannabis users

The long road to marijuana legalization faced another critical last step this week as the Senate voted on Bill C-45. This.


Sarah Leamon: Employers who institute random testing for cannabis could run into difficulties

As the government's self-imposed deadline for marijuana legalization approaches, politicians and legislators have been working around the clock to tie.


Sarah Leamon: Cannabis legalization won’t end restrictions around the home, inside the car, and in public places

Yesterday afternoon, the B.C. government made an announcement in relation to the use of recreational marijuana in our province. As a.


Sarah Leamon: Confused about cannabis legalization? Here’s a primer

The looming inevitability of marijuana legalization in Canada is quickly approaching. With little more than eight months left before federal laws.