By Sarah Leamon


Alberta woman is taking cannabis companies to court over mislabelling, health concerns

The lawsuit alleges that product potency is “drastically different” than advertised and “could have” caused harm to the plaintiff


Canada Post’s new pick-up policy elevates risks for medicinal cannabis users

Those who suffer from chronic illness have a higher risk for exposure, and if they become sick, their symptoms will be much more severe


Sarah Leamon: Heavy-handed cannabis enforcement on Thurlow Street punishes Vancouver medicinal users

By now, many of us have the seen footage from the scene of an unlicensed dispensary raid that happened yesterday.


Sarah Leamon: Assessing the pros and cons of Canadian cannabis legalization one year later

The one-year anniversary of cannabis legalization is swiftly approaching.


Sarah Leamon: B.C. police go their own way when it comes to enforcing cannabis-driving law

It’s been nearly a year since cannabis was legalized, but there have been zero—count that, zero—cannabis-related driving offences laid under our new criminal law…in B.C. at least.


Sarah Leamon: Trudeau utters all the right words about plastics, so why require so much of it for cannabis products?

These days, environmental issues are at the top of everyone’s news feed. With concerns about our planet's future, we are.