By Charlie Smith

Bumpy week for cannabis stocks following rocket ride up since U.S. Election Day

Billion-dollar cannabis companies on both sides of the border endured declining share values over the past five days of trading.

cannabis company stock shares

Canadian cannabis company shares shoot up today, unlike two large U.S. counterparts

Investors in Canopy Growth, Cronos Group, Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, and Aphria can smoke a doobie to celebrate.

earnings report earnings stock price

Aurora and Tilray shares take a dip but Canopy holds up after earnings report

It’s been a wild ride for investors in three of Canada’s largest cannabis companies.

weed companies weed cannabis cannabis stocks

Investors in Aurora, Tilray, and other weed companies enjoy spectacular week

It’s not often that a publicly traded corporation’s stock increases by more than 100 percent over five trading days.

large cannabis companies weed company market cap

Share prices of large cannabis companies fall in last week of presidential campaign

The market caps of Curaleaf Holdings, Green Thumb Industries, Canopy Growth Corp., Cronos Group, Tilray, and Aurora Cannabis declined over the past five days of trading.


Cannabis-industry harvesting supplier, Keirton Inc., eyes U.S. election

Eleven states and the District of Columbia have already fully legalized weed, with another 14 decriminalizing it under certain circumstances