By Barbara Shaw

It shouldn’t be this hard to buy good weed in Ontario

My recent Ontario Cannabis Store purchase – from two different producers no less – had been packaged seven months earlier


Dreamy grow facility aims to offer the ultimate pot experience

The state-of-the-art grow, which will feature a spa and microbrewery, hopes to take advantage of its proximity to the wilds of Ontario’s most famous park


Feeling down? These 10 activities will help heighten your high

Combining your favourite strain with these 10 activities can bring on an additional chemical rush to your buzz


First human trial will test cannabis as a treatment for side-effects from chemo

Among the most painful is taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects more than 67 per cent of women undergoing breast cancer treatment


Some cannabis wisdom on International Day of Peace

Forget 420 – maybe September 21 should be our special day to celebrate cannabis


World Suicide Prevention Day: Can cannabis decrease the risk of suicide?

Canadians with PTSD who use cannabis as medicine are 60 per cent less likely to experience episodes of depression