By Amanda Siebert

The Good Vibes Tour: Meet the couple biking across Canada in celebration of cannabis legalization

How do you plan on celebrating cannabis legalization? While some might prefer to smoke a nice quad in the comfort.


Mike Harcourt will speak about his experience with medical cannabis at annual B.C. pharmacy conference

In 2002, a fall from his deck on Pender Island resulted in a serious spinal cord injury that left former.

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Canopy Growth Corporation is officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange

One of Canada's largest licensed cannabis producers is officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Canopy Growth Corporation announced yesterday.


Liberal MPs vote to maintain excise tax on medical cannabis despite pushback from patients

Liberal members of the finance committee have voted against an amendment that could have led to the exemption of medical.


Barn containing licensed cannabis grow-op burns down in Langley

A licensed grow-op that caught fire on Saturday evening in Langley has burned to the ground. According to a report by.


Million-dollar pitch day for cannabis entrepreneurs is coming to Vancouver

Anyone with an interest in being part of Canada's legal cannabis industry knows it takes more than few fat stacks.