Is The $1 At-Home Marijuana Drug Test Really Accurate?

A week ago, while attending an event catered to women’s networking, among the fall food and decor were two drug

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A week ago, while attending an event catered to women’s networking, among the fall food and decor were two drug testing kits for the detection of marijuana. They were bought from the dollar store close by the university I was attending, and upon seeing them I began to be intrigued by the thought of how accurate these dollar store drug tests really were. I brought both kits home with me and began my experiment. To test these dollar general drug kits, I established a control group by asking an individual I knew would not have marijuana in their system to take the test. I compared their results to my own, which as a medicinal cannabis patient would indeed have marijuana in my system.

With some difficulty finding someone willing to participate in the experiment originally, a newly appointed mother who had not smoked or consumed marijuana for the last several years eventually agreed to partake. I was sure that contrary to myself, the test subject would not have any THC in their system.

The dollar store drug test was very simple, only consisting of a small stick and unfortunately, no cup or container to store the urine needed to complete the test. Although a relatively simple process, instructions were provided on the inside of the box in case of confusion.

Once I had administered the dollar general drug test, the results unsurprisingly came back positive, which as paradoxical as it may sound, was precisely what I had hoped for. On the other hand, the new mother that did not have any THC in their system during the time of testing came back with negative results. This again is exactly as you would expect, because unlike me she did not have any marijuana in her system for years.

Overall, this dollar store drug test was, in fact, able to detect the THC or lack thereof in urine, but may have an issue getting an accurate reading if it is not detectable in somebody’s urine. Given the results of my small experiment, I would say the marijuana drug tests from the dollar store may be useful if you need to know the results extremely quickly, or if you have nothing to do and this is your idea of a good time.

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