Affinor Growers plans vertical farming of cannabis with lettuce, strawberry cultivation

Affinor Growers expects to submit an application for micro cannabis production.

Affinor Growers Inc. focuses on vertical farming technology to produce food and cannabis.


Affinor Growers Inc. expects to file a licence application this summer with Health Canada for its planned vertical farming of cannabis.

Affinor intends to grow cannabis at its Abbotsford, B.C. greenhouse, where it will soon start lettuce and strawberry production.

The cultivation uses Affinor’s proprietary farming towers and techniques.

Nick Brusatore serves as CEO of the Vancouver-headquartered company that focuses on vertical farming technology.

“Our Abbotsford operation is the culmination of decades of research and technology development,” Brusatore said in a media release Wednesday (April 28).

The company aims to set a cannabis micro cultivation within a walled off section of the 15,000-square-foot greenhouse.

In addition, Brusatore indicated that the start of the Abbotsford operation represents a milestone for the company.

“I believe we are finally getting to the core and addressing the true economics required for sustainable, automated, mass production of food and plants,” Brusatore said.

Affinor possesses rich experience not only in vertical farming techniques. It also holds a track record in cannabis cultivation with its proprietary system

To illustrate, the company announced on May 29, 2017 positive results of its experimental growing of medical cannabis in Mission, B.C.

The trial aimed to determine if cannabis plants could grow effectively on the vertical equipment.

In addition, the test wanted to see if the plant will thrive naturally in soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticide.

Moreover, the experiment sought to “develop specific growing protocol for quick maturing high density plants with multiple harvests per year”.

Brusatore owns the Abbotsford greenhouse. Affinor announced a lease agreement with its CEO in January 2021.

Affinor eyes fit in craft cannabis

Brusatore shared his insights about Affinor’s future and its planned cannabis growing operation in a previous interview with Stockhouse.

The company CEO recalled to the financial publication in a report on February 1, 2021 that he started vertical farming in 1999.

Brusatore indicated that he sees Affinor fitting nicely in the craft cannabis field.

To explain, the company executive said that just like in the beer industry, connoiseurs “appreciate the high quality”.

He mentioned specifically the “old hippie” type of clientele for craft cannabis.

Also, Brusatore said that he would like to urge other cannabis producers to look at food production as well.

Brusatore related that he focuses on the quality of Affinor food items and cannabis.

“So when you eat our lettuce or you taste our strawberry, nobody will tell you that I didn’t grow beautiful quality stuff, the question was always, how does he make it big now?” the CEO said in the Stockhouse interview.

Consumers should expect only organic produce from Affinor.

“We don’t use fertilizers in our stuff, even in the cannabis,” Brusatore said. “It’s only water fed through our lines.”

Affinor trades in the Canadian Stock Exchange. As of this post, shares were trading at $0.04.

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