A step-by-step guide to rolling the perfect blunt

Rolling a blunt may seem super tough at first, but you can turn it into an art

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If you are a newbie smoker, you may be wondering how to roll a perfect blunt. Rolling a joint is a skill, and very few people can roll a blunt the first time and get it right. Don’t worry, though. With some practice, almost anyone can roll a blunt like a real pro. Let’s have a look at what a blunt is, and what you’ll need to roll one. 

What is a blunt?

Blunts are basically big joints, but made with a cigar paper instead of an ordinary rolling paper. Some people roll their blunts by converting cigars from such brands as White Owl, Garcia Y Vega , and Swisher Sweets. Other people prefer to use what is known as a blunt wrap. Blunt wraps are available from a wide range of cigar brands. There are also specific brands, such as Juicy Jay’s. 

The main difference between cigars and blunt wraps is that wraps are ready to roll. Both blunt wraps and cigars are available in a wide range of flavours, such as blueberry, honey, grape, chocolate, watermelon, peach, mango, and strawberry. You can also find cigars and wraps that have no added flavour.

What you’ll need 

By taking a few steps to prepare for rolling the blunt, you can make the learning process much easier. Here are the items you’ll need:

  • Grinder
  • Rolling tray or clean surface to work on
  • Blunt wrap or cigar
  • Blunt splitter or a sharp knife 
  • Weed
  • Poker
  • Scissors
  • Filter tip (optional)

You should have at least a gram of weed to roll a nicely proportioned blunt, although less or more can be used. Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you’re ready to start.

How to create a blunt from a cigar

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To begin with, you need a sharp knife or a blunt splitter. Blunt splitters can be bought at most tobacco shops or online.

First, grind the weed on a tray or rolling area. Make sure it has no stems or seeds in it. You don’t want any stem to poke through your masterpiece at the last moment. When the weed is cleaned, put it in a pile on the corner of the tray. Then take the cigar out of its package. (It’s a good idea to leave the cigar in its sealed package until you’re ready to use it, because air can dry it out, making it hard or even impossible to roll with. In some cases, you may have to lick your cigar a few times in order to prevent the tobacco leaf from cracking.)

Using your knife or blunt splitter, locate the seam of your cigar and slice it neatly from one end to the other. Remove all of the tobacco from the inside of the cigar. Put the prepared weed into the cigar, filling it evenly. Now you can start to roll your blunt. Using a gentle twisting or rolling motion, start rolling the blunt like you would a cigarette or joint. You’ll want to lick the seam line on the blunt several times. When you get it to properly seal, add final touches by licking it in place in order to seal the tobacco leaf completely. If you like, you can add a filter tip in the same way you would to a joint. And there you have it, folks!

How to roll a blunt using a wrap

This method is a lot like the one above, but easier. You won’t have to split the wrap. Simply clean and grind your weed, then open the blunt wrap and unroll it. Put the weed in it from one end to the other and start rolling. Lick it in order to make it stick, and that’s it: you just rolled a blunt with a blunt wrap!

If you’d like a visual lesson on how to roll a blunt, check out the YouTube video “High Times How To: Rolling a Blunt” by Danny Danko. Rolling a blunt may seem super tough at first, but you can turn it into an art. Eventually, you can join the league of pros who roll jet blunts, square blunts, cross blunts, helicopter blunts, and so much more!

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