8 gifts for the pot-loving party-thrower

Time to reward an unsung hero — the holiday party thrower — with some great cannabis gifts.


You know who doesn’t get enough credit? Your party-throwing friend. 

Every single holiday season, without fail, that friend (you know the one) sends out a Facebook invite for an ugly holiday sweater party — and it’s been going on for 10 years now. 

That friend is a freaking hero.

They manage to get all of the old friends together, dressed up in ugly holiday sweaters no less, organize a potluck (there’s always those amazing Swedish meatballs), lets everyone trash their house and still has time to bake holiday-themed pot cookies for the whole gang. 

That friend’s been hosting since college and has likely never made a big deal of it. 

Damn it, that host deserves some great gifts this holiday season. Ones worthy of their status as the ultimate party-thrower.

So, here are 10 cannabis gifts you can give the party-throwing friend in your life to help make the next great party they throw (or the recovery from it) just a little bit easier. 

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