8 Activities to Try While You’re Alone and High

Like To Get High On Your Own? Here Are 8 Activities to Try When You’re Stoned Alone Getting stoned with

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Like To Get High On Your Own? Here Are 8 Activities to Try When You’re Stoned Alone

Getting stoned with friends is great fun, but very often your best bong buddies might not be available and you have to put in a solo shift.

So, what do you do when you’re smoking weed on your own? Yeah, you can listen to some vibes or stick to your favorite movie. But, there is a whole load of other things you can do as well.

Here are just a few things to consider doing next time you get stoned alone:

Write a Movie or Screen Play

We’ve already said you could watch a movie, but what about writing one? It doesn’t have to be up to Vince Gilligan standards, it can just be a bit of fun. But, who knows what ideas will come into your head when the creative cannabis juices get flowing.

Build a Model (House, Car, Boat, Plane, anything small)

Ever dreamed of owning a luxury home, sports car, private jet or your own yacht? Well, building a model of them can be your first step to getting them for real.

What better use of your high-time; just imagine the ‘outside the box’ details you could put into them. If you’re not that ‘crafty’ and don’t think you could make one from scratch, you could always buy one online.

Speaking of which…

Search For Random Online Purchases

Try to find some completely random stuff to buy online or even at your local store. You lose your inhibitions when you’re high, so this is the perfect time for a bit of unnecessary shopping.

After a couple of long draws on your joint, start adding to that online cart. Yes, of course, you will feel guilty the next day, but it’ll be great fun. And besides, those ‘his and hers’ matching Halloween onesies are going to look great – especially, when you find yourself a partner!

People Watch

Getting high in a public place is such a great experience. Sitting in the mall in your own world is the perfect place to do some serious people watching. Try getting stoned and make up some backstories of the people you see; which ones are happy, sad, scary, afraid, in love? Hey, this is no waste of time; you can count it as research for that new movie you’ve started writing!

Take a Trip to Your Local Bookstore

We all should read more books. When you’re stoned, it could provide you with the ideal opportunity to get stuck into a new read.

The bookstore is a great place to visit when you’re high; just the smell of all that paper alone will put you into sensory overload. Also, you’re likely to meet all sorts of interesting people there when there’s a new book release going on.

Even just browsing the thousands of beautifully illustrated covers is fun in itself. You may even get an idea or two of what your next read will be.

Take A Stroll Around A Rich Neighborhood

Most potheads like a good smoke ‘n’ stroll now and again and it’s great to do it anywhere. But, when you walk around a swanky neighbourhood full of kick-ass cars and mansion size houses, it’s even better. The inspiration you can get from being around such rich trappings can inspire you into the action you need to get there yourself.

Learn Cooking

Cooking has never been so popular; you cannot turn on the TV without some celebrity chef waxing lyrical about how they achieved their latest Michelen star. Let’s face it, cooking is cool nowadays. But, most of us never even give it a go; using the defrost program on the microwave does not count.

To give yourself some incentive, grab a cookbook or get some recipes online and see if you can’t make some homemade cannabis edibles. Now that’s a skill worth having. Who knows, maybe the future first Celebrity Cannabis Chef is reading this right now!

Keep a Journal

When you’re high you can have some of the best thoughts and most creative ideas you’ll ever have. Problem is, you’re not exactly in the best condition to recall these when you come down. Get in the habit of carrying a small notebook and pen around when you’re on the weed and capture some of these great inspirations.

So, next time you get stood up and have to get stoned alone, remember these 8 activities for smoking on your own.

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