7 tips for storing your harvested bud through the winter

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Learn how to store your bud properly.

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Following your glorious fall harvest you may find yourself with an abundance of bud on your hands. 

What a tragedy. 

Still, this may present somewhat of a problem as the winter months and cold weather set in.  Because the real tragedy would be letting the cold ruin all that glorious ganj, leaving you high and dry for the next few months (and not in a good way).

If your buds have turned brown and crumbly, they’ve gone bad. And if you see random brown patches around your otherwise normal-looking cannabis buds, it could be an indication of mold. 

Your properly stored cannabis should maintain its sparkly look, with at least some of its orange hairs or purple or pink colour still left. 

This isn’t to be confused with wet-cured or very long-cured buds, which appear to be mostly brown or tan. A key difference is that wet-cured and long-cured buds should still be able to maintain their structural integrity (a.k.a. not be all crumbly). 

Besides the gross factor of buds that have gone bad, brown cannabis has usually lost its overall potency.

These seven tips will help prevent that from happening when you store your weed. 

1. Make sure your buds have been cured for about 30 days.

Because the potency and smoothness of your cannabis is greatly improved during the curing process, you’ll want to make sure peak potency has been achieved before you put your bud away into long-term storage. Typically peak potency is reached around the 30-day mark. 

This will also help achieve a proper moisture level for your cannabis to be stored over time. 

2. Get your humidity just right. 

Cannabis being too wet is a common reason that it deteriorates. 

If you find your cannabis feels moist to the touch or the jars you store them start to “sweat” during the curing process, you’re in the danger zone for mold. Which means your bud will deteriorate much faster. Also, it’s gross. 

Buds should be stored at about 55% to 62% RH. You’ll want to use some kind of humidity monitor to ensure you’re in the sweet spot for long-term storage.

Boveda Packs (or Humidipaks as they were formerly known) can be a helpful way to get the humidity right, while also keeping your buds hydrated (because too dry is also a bad thing). 

They’re small packs which essentially turn any airtight space into a cannabis humidor.

The 62% Boveda Packs were actually designed specifically for storing cannabis. Storing them in a sealed container with your buds will regulate the humidity to the ideal level for cannabis.

3. Keep your stored cannabis away from the sun. 

UV rays can actually cause the potency of cannabis buds to diminish. So treat your stored cannabis like the last person you ghosted and keep them in the dark. 

4. Don’t let your cannabis get too hot or too cold. 

The sweet spot for cannabis storage is around 60°F to 70°F (or 15°C to 21°C) or under 32°F (0°C). 

Additionally, temperature fluctuation is not your friend. Your buds getting hot, then cold again over time can cause them to lose their potency, so keep them away from anything that might get very hot and then not (electronics and so on). You want to keep that temperature as consistent as possible until your cannabis is ready to use (at which point, very, very hot is usually the way to go).  

5. Store your cannabis in glass, not plastic or metal.

Storing cannabis in plastic or metal for a short period of time is fine. However, as time goes on, those substances can begin to affect its smell and taste. Plastic is uniquely problematic because it actually carries a bit of static. The static causes trichomes (the little hairs on the bud) to fall off the buds and stick to the inside of the plastic container. 

Glass is the way to go. You can make it completely airtight and its nonporous. The trusty mason jar is your friend here and probably the best storage container you can go with.

For an added seal, you can use a vacuum sealer to take all the air out of your mason jar before putting them into storage. 

6. Don’t treat your cannabis like cigars. 

A common shortcut is putting cannabis in a cigar humidor. The problem is that some of the taste of a wooden cigar humidor will actually rub off on your cannabis. And cedar isn’t exactly the best flavour for bud. 

If you do go for a wooden container, make sure its a humidor specifically made for storing cannabis. These are usually made out of teak, bamboo, acacia, mahogany, cherry or walnut wood — which means they won’t affect the smell or flavor of the cannabis. 

Honestly it’s probably best to just avoid wood altogether and stick to glass. 

7. Don’t put your cannabis in the fridge.

Again, this is another common shortcut. The thing about refrigerators is that they don’t actually maintain a consistent humidity or temperature. This means that the chances of your cannabis developing mold go up significantly. 

You’ll want to either keep your buds in a cold cellar or freezer. 

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