Top Ten Tips For New Cannabis Consumers

Never Smoked Weed Before And Want Tips On Smoking A Joint? Read On For A Weed Smoking Guide Welcome to


Never Smoked Weed Before And Want Tips On Smoking A Joint? Read On For A Weed Smoking Guide

Welcome to the world of weed! It’s great that you are considering smoking your first joint and chose us to help you through this all-important first step. Keep reading and we will show you some of the basic tips that all first-time weed smokers should know about. So, here are our top ten tips for first time smoking weed:

1. You Will Be OK

If this is your first experience of smoking weed then you may be feeling a little apprehensive. Let us reassure you that you are going to be OK.
It may seem a bit strange because you have not done it before and you may feel a bit nervous, but rest assured you are not the only person to have experienced these feelings and they are perfectly natural feelings to have.
Just make sure that the weed you have purchased is good quality and that it has not been mixed with anything and you’ll be just fine.

2. Smoke Weed On Its Own

If this is your first time smoking weed you should not take anything else along with it. So, no alcohol, even if the people you are smoking and drinking at the same time. They may well be telling you you’re fine doing both. It is not.
If you are drunk the first time you smoke weed you are going to go into the ‘spins’ and you will have a nasty experience. The weed is all you need! Just stick by this simple adage and you’ll be able to enjoy your first weed smoking experience.

3. Chill Out With Some Friends

The next thing you should know is that it is best to smoke in a safe place; somewhere you feel comfortable and have some friendly faces around you to share your experience and provide some guidance.
They don’t have to be major pot-heads, but they should be friends with whom you are comfortable asking advice from. This is because the first time you get high you will want to have a feeling of security. So, make sure that you have some friends around you and do it in a safe, legal place.

4. Smoke Weed That Is Free From Pesticides

Smoking pure cannabis can be an amazing experience, but if your weed supply is heavy with pesticides, particularly concentrates you could be doing yourself some harm. Try to get to know your supplier so you can get to know their product too, especially where and when it was grown.

5. Keep Things Simple

Your first weed smoking experience should be kept simple, including what you smoke out of. Just stick to a joint or a pipe and stay clear of a bong until you build up your tolerance and experience.

6. Take It Easy

Do not go over the top of your first weed-smoking sesh. Start off with no more than 3 hits, they wait a few minutes to see how you feel. If you feel you want some more, you can try a little more. But, don’t push yourself and overdose on weed. Three hits are plenty enough to get you giggling if it is your first time with THC in your system.
Vaping can be great for your first experience, but for most people, this is not an option.

7. Set Limits

Hopefully, you will enjoy your first weed smoking experience, but be careful not to let things overtake you. Set yourself some smoking limits; too much weed smoking can cause you anxiety and can ruin your experience.
Recent research has shown that low doses of marijuana provide the most relaxing way to enjoy it. One caveat of this research is that the subjects took their cannabis by oral ingestion. There may be different results for cannabis that is smoked

8. Ignore The Strain

What’s in a name? Not a lot to be honest and actually there is so much to explore when you are a new cannabis consumer to be restricted by strain or brand names. So, try as many as you can and that way you will find one that suits you.

  1. Don’t Forget To Breathe

There may be some truth in the old stoner adage that coughing gets you higher. When you cough, you’re temporarily cutting off the oxygen supply to your brain, so the effects of the cannabis set in that much quicker. So you should not be embarrassed about coughing when you smoke weed; you could be on your way to a better high. Just don’t forget to start breathing again!

10. Have Fun Experimenting

It is a boom time for weed at the moment. There are so many new companies selling new products and bringing incredible diversity into this new market.
So, have some fun experimenting.

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