10 luxe gifts for the cannabis aficionado

When it comes to the experienced smoker in your life, you’ve got to go big.

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We all have that one friend that we’ve been sharing joints with since we discovered pot.

There was that first time you smoked half a joint in high school and watched Mallrats four times in a row and the last time you shared a vape pen in celebration of a recent engagement (not to mention a million times in between). That friend has likely been the Jay to your Silent Bob for decades. 

Your pasts are intertwined and filled with stories that involve eye drops, trips to 7-11, and many, many belly-aching laughs.  

It used to be that picking up a new glass pipe was enough to show your appreciation for your years of friendship and fond shared memories. But now, that friend has accumulated pretty much has all the standard cannabis accessories you can think of. 

So what do you get the cannabis aficionado in your life? The one who has been smoking since high school? Or makes their own edibles daily? Or just has the kind of THC tolerance normally reserved for 2 Chainz? 

You’ve gotta go all out. And get the best of the best. 

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