10 great podcasts to get you through your day

Whether you’re getting high at home or trying to make it through your commute, these 10 podcasts will put a smile on your face.


Office life can be, at times, long and uninteresting. Other times, it’s incredibly chaotic, with so much going on around you, that it’s hard to buckle down, focus and get your work done. 

Podcasts are a great solution. They’re also great for the long commute to and from work, or to lose yourself in when you’re getting high at home. 

The trick to a good podcast is to find something fairly engaging, but not one that makes you think too hard. Hard news or deep dives into true crime can be strenuous and distracting. 

However, comedy and human-interest podcasts are a great way to brighten up your day, while maybe learning a new thing or two. Just try not to laugh too hard at your desk or on public transit. People will start to avoid you. 

Your Mom’s House

In Your Mom’s House, husband and wife comedy power couple, Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky, torture each other with cringeworthy YouTube and TikTok videos. Sometimes they have comedians or celebrity guests on. And then they torture them with cringeworthy YouTube and TikTok videos. Hilarious? Yes. Offensive? That’s subjective. NSFW? Definitely. 


Chances are someone in your office has recommended Radiolab to you at some point. And their pitch probably wasn’t very good. They probably told you that, “they make science fun!” or urged you to listen with, “Oh man, you gotta listen to The Bad Show!” Bad pitches aside, Radiolab is deeply engaging. The show explains scientific phenomenons to you through gonzo stories and historical records. Indeed, Radiolab can actually make you interested in the slowest moving thing on Earth. 

Love + Radio 

Love + Radio has a somewhat similar feel to Radiolab. However, it’s much darker, deeper and far more sexualized. The show dives into the emotional complexities of love, sex, attraction and relationships, exploring personal stories which are both so seedy and intimate, it borders on pulp fiction. 

How Did This Get Made?

Bad movies can still be entertaining — if only to collectively bemoan their ridiculous choices and production mishaps. In How Did This Get Made?, comedians and actors Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael watch and break down the worst movies ever made, from uncovered ‘80s gems like Miami Connection, to modern junk food like Fast Five

The Dollop

The Dollop is a comedy podcast about American history. In each episode, comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds do a deep dive into a single event or person from history — which is usually inherently funny in its own right. While Anthony breaks down a subject, Reynolds and guests offer commentary and jabs. It’s sort of like a roast of someone who died 100 years ago. 

My Favourite Murder 

If you need a quick true crime fix, My Favourite Murder is your go-to podcast. Hosted by (you guessed it, comedians) Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, each episode breaks down a famous murder and at times works as a “how not to get murdered” instructional. Macab? Maybe a little. But enjoyable nonetheless. 


This is an oldie, but a goodie. Filmmaker Kevin Smith is joined by producer and longtime friend, Scott Moser to discuss…well, everything while stoned. From Canadian culture, pop culture, to personal history, to modern events it’s all on the table with SModcast. Discussions sometimes get so irreverent that it once spawned the idea for the movie, TUSK

WTF With Marc Maron 

Marc Maron seems a pretty unlikely candidate to have intimate one-on-one discussions with guests ranging from David Lee Roth to President Obama, but that’s exactly what you get with WTF With Marc Maron. There’s something about Maron’s format that works — maybe it’s because he’s in a garage surrounded by cats, or maybe it’s his genuine interest in the guests and willingness to dive into their history and the hurdles they’ve had to overcome. (I’d bet on the cats.) 


Unfortunately, Harmontown has concluded after 360 episodes. What started as a live therapy session for writer and showrunner Dan Harmon after being fired from Community, the show he created, has ballooned into an online sensation, sparking new projects like HarmonQuest. While it’s sad to see Harmontown come to an end, at least you can finally hear the full story of their ongoing, live Dungeons and Dragons quests. 

Why Won’t You Date Me?

OK, a lot of comedians have podcasts, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In each episode of Why Won’t You Date Me?, comedian and actress Nicole Byer tries to figure out exactly why she’s still single while interviewing fellow comedians and creatives about their own romantic history, no matter how cringeworthy or problematic it might be.