10 awesome gifts for the cannabis cook

Shower the chef in your life with excellent gifts, so they’ll feed you — and likely get you high.

Young couple tasting tomato sauce while cooking in the kitchen. Cheerful man and smiling woman holding spatula in hand ready to taste red sauce. Multiethnic couple cooking together at home.


Chefs are tough to shop for. 

You can’t just stuff a gift card to a fancy restaurant in a card and be done with it. Because chefs are happiest when they’re doing everything themselves. They want to know their own recipes down pat. They want to make everything from scratch. They’ll grow all their own ingredients if they’re able. 

Even though they’re a stubborn breed, let the record show that having a chef in your life is always a good thing. They’ve likely saved many a barbecue, Thanksgiving dinner and otherwise lame party — especially if that chef is a cannabis cook. 

Cooking with cannabis comes with its own set of recipes and needed supplies, which is lucky for you. We’re about to make it super easy to cross that cannabis cook off your holiday shopping list by showing you an abundance of gifting possibilities. 

You can thank us months from now when your friend perfects their latest cookie recipe and bakes a couple of trays just for you. 

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