Jima Cannabis set for expansion in Vancouver


Activist in landmark R. v. Parker cannabis ruling runs in Canadian federal election

Terrance “Terry” Parker successfully argued that prohibition violated his Charter rights.


Canadian study shows cannabis use poses no harmful effects on in vitro fertilization

Results indicate comparable IVF outcomes between users and non-users of cannabis.


Nova Mentis looks at potential psilocybin treatment for obesity and diabetes

People with obesity and diabetes may have an alternative way to get better with the psychedelic substance psilocybin.


Velada cannabis coffee, tea products set for sale in Ontario

The cannabis drinks will feature coffee flavours like café olé, matcha latte, golden milk latte, and hot chocolate.


Ready for cannabis snuff? Goodness Growth Holdings receives product patent

Cannabis-based moist snuff could disrupt the tobacco industry.


Canadian study finds poor information online about cannabis and pain treatment

Study cites importance of healthcare providers in guiding patients seeking information on the web regarding cannabis and pain.

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