SpeakEasy Cannabis Club seeks to double maiden harvest to 140,000 kilograms in 2021


Study finds rising prevalence of cannabis use among older adults in Washington state

The Alcohol Research Group of the Public Health Institute conducted the research.


Psychedelics researcher explains why a bad trip is a good one after all

Petter Grahl Johnstad of the University of Bergen says a bad psychedelics trip can be a way to confront personal demons.


Passage of SAFE Banking Act to serve as milestone in U.S. legalization of cannabis

A Brightfield Group report says road to legal cannabis will be “long and winding”.


Store design of Kitchener’s Highland Cannabis wins Canada competition

Highland Cannabis prides itself as the go-to mom-and-pop cannabis shop in Kitchener.


Cybin Inc. announces revolutionary study of ketamine with neuroimaging helmet

Toronto-based Cybin plans to look at real time effects of ketamine on the brain.


Cannabis use during pregnancy linked to poor development of child’s stress system

Study shows cannabis and pregnancy do not make a good mix.

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